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Welcome To Japan!

Japan 4 is a band based out of Towson, Md.  Thanks for coming to our site.  Take a look at our links and be sure to listen to our songs on PUREVOLUME.COM.  Everything is on our BAND LINKS page.  Check out the rest of the site and sign our guest book!!!


We are currently looking for 2 new guitarists.  If you think you have what it takes and are interested email us at Japan4Band@comcast.net for details.

Listing Site Updates

Here we'll keep you updated on all the web site changes that we are currently working on.

1-18-05 Thanks to everyone who has supported the band.  Chris, Bug, Bobby, and I will always appreciate everything everyone has done.  We never would have been able to play anywhere if it wasn't for you. 

So needless to say, our current members-Bug, Chris & Shaun, have called it quits.  Chris is moving to Huntington Beach, Shaun is moving to San Diego, and Bug moved into Chris's old room with Brad Willard. 

We would all like to thank you for supporting us.  Especially all the great bands, fans, and venues along the way.  You were awesome, and you will be hearing from us very soon.

Take care,


11-14-04 The Recher show starts at 5pm.  We're 1st band on the lineup so get there early and stay for all the bands.  Adelphi is on Drive-Thru Records,

www.adelphirock.com  or click the link on our links page.

Underscore and All Time Low are rockin' bands! Check them out!

11-12-04 Japan 4 is BACK! We're playing the Recher Theatre on December 19th.  This will be our last show, so please come check us out!  It will definitely rock!

10-9-04 Japan 4 is going to play one more show before ending our illustrious run at the music industry.  We're going to do one more show in Towson, at the Recher.  Our favorite venue for all of our fans, friends, and critics.  Check back for the date.

7-14-2004  We're playing the Recher Theatre on July 29th.  Come support us and get yourself a copy of our demo.  "Please Play Once Before Throwing Away." Check out our Upcoming Shows page for more details.

6-28-2004 Finished recording our highly anticipated E.P.  We're calling it "Please Play Once Before Throwing Away" and we'll have it available at our next show.

6-20-2004 We are going into the studio on the 27th and 28th to record our cd.  We will have it available at all of our shows and on our site.

6-14-2004 Changed the pictures.  I didn't want to be sued for anything....

6-4-2004  Added some pictures and updated some information on us. 

6-2-2004   Put up the first ever Japan 4 web site!!!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our show at The Recher on May 16th.  It was a good show.  We will have many more to come, just keep checking back and emailing us.

Take a Look Around

Look around our site if you have suggestions for it or if there is something that you would like to see here let us know!

We're also looking for some artists out there to come up with some cool logos, pictures, and banners for our site.  If you have time to draw it up...email it to us!  We'll put your name on the site.

Get a hold of us!!

Take the time to express your voice! Fill out our guest book and email us!