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May 16th, Sunday

Stillglow, Japan 4, Isle of View            The Recher        6pm        5/10


June 25th, Friday

Stillglow, Falltown, 3 Prong Outlet, Japan 4      St. John's Church    7pm   


July 29th, Thursday

Public Eye, Japan 4, East of Nowhere       The Recher           8pm    /10


August 21st, Saturday

Japan 4                                                  The Vault                        


October 5th, Tuesday

Japan 4                       Towson University Homecoming

Japan 4 and others                  St. John's Church    


December 19th, Sunday

Christmas Spectacular (Japan 4 Finale)

Japan 4, Underscore, All Time Low, Adelphi     

                             Recher Theatre    6pm  $5/10                                    




Interested in us playing your place???

If you want to book us at your place drop us a line at Japan4Band@comcast.net.  Or you can try HurleyBox182@comcast.net.  Feel free to hit us up on the IM.