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Photos of friends and things

These are photos of some of our closest friends.  If you want your pic on here just email it to us.

Chris with some panties that he found in his laundry...later he found out that they're his Mom's.

Shaun showing everyone the only finger on his right hand.

Bug playing with himself.

Us at Paolo's...Jess, Shaun, Jess, Steve

This is my friend Jen. For all the guys out there that are like me, I made this picture scratch and sniff, seriously...go ahead try it out.

Bug rockin' out

Ummmmm....I don't know what Chris is doing here.

Am I angry or am I just REALLY REALLY ridiculously good looking?

Despite prior belief...Chris cannot play the guitar.

This is us playing at St. John's on June 25th.